How to wear good -looking lingerie in winter

How to wear good -looking lingerie in winter

How to wear good -looking lingerie in winter

Winter is a good time to show your own underwear. A suitable sexy underwear allows you to keep you beautiful in the cold winter, and at the same time show your sexy and charm.But how to choose and wear winter sexy underwear?

1. Choose the right fabric

When choosing a sexy underwear in winter, you must pay attention to the choice of fabrics.Winter sexy underwear is generally mainly kept warm with cotton, plush, wool, etc., so that it is warm and comfortable.

2. Pay attention to cold protection and warmth

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At the same time, you should also pay attention to cold protection and warmth. You can wear sweaters or coats on the outside of the sexy underwear, which can be warm and can shape a mystery.

3. Consider the body shape and chest shape

When choosing sexy underwear in winter, you must consider your body and chest shape.If the chest shape is small, you can choose a thicker sexy underwear to increase the fullness of the chest; if the body shape is fat, it is not advisable to choose the over -tight sexy underwear. You need to choose some styles.

4. Buy good quality sexy underwear

Do not choose sexy underwear with poor quality in order to save expenses. A good sexy underwear can not only wear many times, but also bring you a better experience and longer life life.

5. Pay attention to the color of sexy underwear

In winter, the color of sexy underwear is also important.You can choose dark -tone sexy underwear such as black, red, dark blue, dark purple. These colors have a certain mystery and in line with the atmosphere of winter.

6. Select the style that is suitable for your own sexy underwear

Different erotic lingerie styles are suitable for different people, such as short sexy underwear suitable for people with slim figures, while long sexy underwear is suitable for people with full figure.

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7. Pay attention to the matching of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, you should also pay attention to the combination with external items. A good sexy underwear can be matched with various external items to create more style of dressing.

8. Select sexy and beautiful sexy underwear

It is best to choose sexy and beautiful sexy underwear, so that you can feel good and maintain your self -confidence.

9. Add personal style elements

You can make sexy underwear more personalized by adding various personal style elements, such as adding your own preference elements or some other designs.

10. Keep comfort

The last thing to pay attention to is to maintain the comfort of sexy underwear. Do not sacrifice your comfort in order to pursue sexy. This will only make yourself feel uncomfortable.

Viewpoint: Pay attention to many factors in the selection and wear of sexy underwear in winter, including fabrics, cold protection and warmth, body shape and chest shape, color, matching, style, personal style, etc.Choosing a comfortable and sexy sexy underwear that is both comfortable and beautiful can not only enhance your self -confidence, but also show your charm.