How to make sex underwear at home by yourself

How to make sex underwear at home by yourself

Sexy erotic underwear is loved by many women, and making an exclusive sexy underwear has a unique taste.However, many people may find it difficult to make sexy underwear at home. Today we will share some simple and easy -to -learn methods, so that you can DIY beautiful sexy underwear at home.

Choose the right material

Of course, making fun underwear first requires suitable materials.For beginners, it is best to choose some fabrics that are easy to control, such as lace, elastic cloth or tulle.At the same time, you need to prepare some basic sewing tools, such as sewing machines, scissors, ruler, needle wires, etc.

Measure your body size

While choosing the material, you also need to measure your body size, including bust, waist, hip circumference, and so on.These measurement data will provide an important reference for you to make a suitable size sexy underwear.It is recommended to put on tight clothes during measurement to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.

Basic style

In order to be able to make other styles of sexy underwear, it is best to start practicing from making basic styles.Starting from the basic style will allow you to better geographically solve the structure and production principles of sexy underwear, and gradually increase the difficulty of making.The simplest basic style is briefs. This design is simple and easy to learn, and it is also suitable for beginners.

Add special elements

Although the basic style design is simple, you can also make them more sexy and interesting by adding special elements.You can design elements such as lace or silk belt on the chest, and you can design elements such as hollow or cross -strap on the back.As long as you are good at exerting imagination, you can make the basic style richer and diverse.

Try different fabrics

For the production of sexy underwear, the choice suitable for different fabrics is also very important.Lace fabric is breathable and suitable for bras; elastic cloth comfort is high, suitable for making briefs; tulle fabrics are light and soft, suitable for long skirts.Trying different fabrics can add endless imagination to the design of sexy underwear.

Refer to other works

As a beginner, learning other people’s works is also very beneficial.You can refer to some sexy underwear production tutorials on the Internet, or go to the physical store to learn more about various models of sexy underwear on the market, learn more about design inspiration, and strengthen your aesthetic sense.

Attention to detail

Be sure to pay attention to details when making sexy underwear.Exquisite sutures, accurate size, and appropriate fabrics will have an important impact on the quality of sexy underwear.Of course, you will inevitably encounter some problems when practicing and production, but as long as you deal with it carefully, I believe it can be harvested.

Enjoy the fun of DIY

Finally, making sexy underwear is actually not only to get a beautiful fun, but also the fun of DIY.When completing a piece of work, you will feel the sense of accomplishment and happiness.Let yourself enjoy DIY fun is one of the ultimate goals of sexy underwear.


Through these simple steps, I believe you can easily make your own sexy underwear.Making sexy underwear can not only help you understand more knowledge and production methods about underwear, but also allow you to find a new way of pastime and relaxation.Try it, do your favorite sexy underwear!

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