How to find a factory in the original sexy underwear shop

Background introduction

The original sexy underwear store has been in operation for many years, and the customer group has continued to expand, and it is necessary to customize its own brand underwear to meet market demand.However, it is difficult to find the right factory. What should I do?

Find channels

First of all, you can learn about some information about sexy underwear manufacturers through the industry information website.These websites provide some groups, blogs, recruitment information, etc., and publishing purchase information on these platforms are likely to attract the attention of some sexy underwear manufacturers.

Participate in the exhibition

Secondly, try to participate in some underwear exhibitions.These exhibitions often call manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, and some buyers of underwear and related industries, and some buyers can recognize some underwear manufacturers through exhibitions and exchange and cooperate with them.

Seeking agent help

In addition, you can consider seeking the help of an agent or some supply chain companies.These companies usually have their own production bases, and have stable production lines, experienced manufacturers and strong suppliers, and can contact them to produce and process them.

Collect manufacturer information

When looking for the right manufacturer, you need to collect some related information, such as the manufacturer’s production equipment, product quality, after -sales service, cooperative experience, and so on.This information can be collected through network search and interpersonal communication channels.

Understand the production capacity

Understanding the production capacity of the manufacturer is also a very important step.It is necessary to understand the types of manufacturers, the number of production lines, and production efficiency.At the same time, the production cycle and output of underwear need to be considered in order to meet the sales demand.

Check the production environment

The production environment is also an important aspect.When cooperating with manufacturers, it is necessary to consider its factory environment and production conditions, such as the hygiene, ventilation, and lighting of the plant, the quality and maintenance of the production equipment.These are related to the quality of underwear and the reputation of sales.

Understand the quality control system

Quality control is also a very important link.It is necessary to understand whether the manufacturer has a sound quality control system, including the quality inspection system, the standard inspection standard, the return standard, the recall standard, and so on.These can ensure that the quality problems of the underwear are solved in time.

signing the contract

After finding a suitable manufacturer, you need to sign a contract with the responsibility and obligations in detail.In the contract, there should be terms of payment payment methods, after -sales service, liability for breach of contract, and intellectual property protection, and strictly implement it.

Maintain a good cooperative relationship

After finding a suitable underwear manufacturer, you also need to pay attention to establishing and maintaining a good cooperative relationship.In the process of production and sales, the two parties need to maintain good communication and coordination. When encountering problems, actively seek solution, strengthen cooperation and trust and friendly exchanges.


Finding a suitable sexy underwear manufacturer is very important for original sexy lingerie stores.It is necessary to comprehensively consider from multiple aspects, including the credibility of the manufacturer, the production capacity, the production environment, the quality control, the cooperation agreement, and so on.Only by establishing a long -term and good cooperative relationship can the original sexy underwear store develop and meet market demand.

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