How to draw sexy underwear boys to wear

How to draw sexy underwear boys to wear

How to draw sexy underwear boys to wear

Interest underwear is an artifact that makes people accelerate and increases interest. In order to increase their charm, men begin to put on sexy underwear.For drawing enthusiasts, painting boys can try different painting styles and challenge their painting skills.Let’s discuss how to draw a sexy underwear for wearing.

Choose suitable painting materials

Draw a sex underwear to choose the right tool.First understand which material and pen touch you will prefer. For example, the line requirements are more delicate and sharp enough, choose brushes or brushes; for those who need color or renderingColor, only requires large lines, soft, etc., it is best to use oil -drawn sticks or oil paint pigments.


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There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as suspenders, transparent lace, mesh materials, etc. You must understand the details of the sexy underwear you choose so that you can better draw it.In terms of clothes design, you can introduce some of your own creativity and add some special elements to sexy underwear, such as adding straps, lace or other patterns.

Grasp of the body

In order to draw a sexy lingerie, we need to have enough understanding of the proportion and structure of the body.You need to master the ratio of the human body, height, wide shoulders, thin waist, thick chest, narrow buttocks, etc. During the painting process, do not just consider sexy underwear.Draw the character image in the painting more real and vivid.

Follow the proportion and composition principle

In terms of composition and standard ratio, you need to pay enough attention, adhere to good composition and proportion standards, so that the picture is as balanced and harmonious as possible.This is also an important factor that makes works look reasonable.A good composition and proportion can make the men’s underwear more dynamic and charming, and the heartbeat is accelerated.

Pay attention to detail performance

During the painting process, detail performance is a vital factor.When drawing sexy underwear, pay attention to the details, patterns, muscles, discrete charm, shadows and highlights of the underwear, so that you can draw exquisite paintings.

Try to try different styles

Painting with sexy underwear can try different styles of realism, cartoon or oil painting, so as to practice many different skills and styles.When you master the basic skills of drawing sexy underwear, you can choose to try to draw a lot of different types of clothing, which has great benefits to the improvement of your painting level.

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Draw more more

Only by practicing hard can we draw perfect sexy underwear men.Practice more and practice, and constantly cultivate your painting skills, making your work more personalized, more vitality and charm.

Express your creativity

Don’t limit their ideas. As a painter, you can create according to your interests and creativity.Creative creation from the aspects of erotic underwear style, underwear color, texture, etc., so as to show their own painting style.

Point of view

Painting with affectionate underwear is not an easy thing to complete, it needs to practice and patience.Using the correct tools, grasping the body, focusing on detail performance, and good composition and proportions are the necessary elements necessary for you to draw a perfect painting.When involving painting, you can try new styles, challenge your skills, and pay attention to personality and creativity when creating.