He wants me to wear sexy underwear love

He wants me to wear sexy underwear love

His request

When I was with my boyfriend, I didn’t know that he had such a request. He hoped that I could wear sexy underwear because he felt that this was more challenging and sexy.

My inner contradiction

However, it is difficult for me to accept this requirement, because I always think that sexy underwear will make people feel very exposed, and it is difficult to accept my body will be exposed.

Change of consciousness

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Later, I wanted to understand a truth. I wanted to show my best side in front of him, and wearing a sexy underwear may be the best side in his mouth.

Understand the type of love underwear

I started to understand the types of love underwear. There are bikini swimsuits, bra and underwear, uniforms, stockings and pajamas, etc. This makes me start to understand that the original sexy underwear can be so detailed.

Elegant sexy

Compared to excessive skin, I prefer elegant sexy.For example, the red lace sex lingerie with a tulle robe, which looks both teasing and full of charming mystery.

The costume style that suits you

Each of us is different, and the feeling of wearing a sexy underwear will also be different due to different styles.Therefore, choose a style suitable for your body and personality so that you can feel confident.

Considering size and comfort

In addition to the choice of styles, the problems of size and comfort also need to be considered.Because wearing sexy underwear requires comfort and self -confidence, unsuitable size and uncomfortable fabrics make people feel unconfident and tired.

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Sexy underwear matching skills

If you want to wear a sense of fashion in sexy underwear, you need some matching skills.For example, using stockings or high -heeled shoes to make sexy underwear more feminine.

Increase interest, enhance interest

Wearing erotic underwear can not only increase interest, but also enhance interest.Because it makes us more confident, more comfortable, and more inherently beautiful.Accompanied by sexy underwear, we can become more charming and tempting.


Wearing a sexy underwear may require us to open up our hearts and start to accept all aspects of our body.However, when we realize that such attempts can bring more self -confidence and happiness, we will find that this is an excellent attempt.