Fun underwear Typical Competition Analysis

Fun underwear Typical Competition Analysis


The sexy underwear market has gradually matured, and the corresponding competition has become more intense. Various types of competing fish and dragons are mixed. Consumers have to make choices in a large number of interesting underwear brands and models.This article will analyze the typical sexy underwear competition on the market, understand their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, and help consumers to better buy sexy underwear.

brand introduction

As an important brand in the sexy underwear market, the "mysterious husband" American sex lingerie brand has a wide popularity. International brands such as LoRa Dicarlo, Romant, Jolidon, etc. also occupy a place in the domestic market."Innocent time" and "desire city" brands are representative brands in the domestic sex lingerie market, with huge sales channels and extensive consumer foundations.

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design style

The design style of international sex underwear brands such as "Mysterious Husband" is mainly based on advanced customization, focusing on personalized customization and unique design.The design style of domestic sex lingerie brands is mainly warm and cute, pursuing natural and smooth lines and soft colors, combining the aesthetic needs of young people, more in line with the aesthetic pursuit of modern young people.

Material selection

The materials selected by sexy underwear must not only meet the principles of health, environmental protection and comfort, but also have a certain sexual effect.Under the premise of satisfaction, brands such as "mysterious husband" mainly choose imported materials such as real silk, lace, and close -fitting grid cloth, while domestic brands mostly use ordinary cotton cloth, polyester and nylon to better consistent with domestic people’s consumption habits and the consumption habits and the consumption habits and the people’s consumption habits and the consumption habits and the consumption habits and the consumption habits and the people’s consumption habits andPrice.


The design of sexy underwear needs to pursue the needs of different gender and different themes. Based on this, it fully taps potential functional characteristics, while reflecting its sexy and uniqueness.For example, foreign brands pay attention to wireless remote control, intelligent vibration and variety of technology networking, while domestic brands focus on innovative elements and cartoon models, as well as Japanese designers’ special styles.

Brand word

Brand word of mouth has an important impact on shopping decisions.International brands are better than domestic brands in their market position and reputation. Not only are the product quality and services be guaranteed, but they are also higher.The domestic sexy underwear brand has obvious advantages in sales channels, market share and consumption level, and has a good reputation in the fashion industry and young consumers.

Price analysis


Price is one of the important factors affecting consumer purchasing power, and one of the important aspects of sexy underwear competition.High -end sexy underwear is relatively high. For example, the "Mysterious Husband" brand is more than 500 yuan, while the domestic brand’s sexy lingerie is mostly within 100 yuan, and the price is very close.

Channel analysis

The sales channels for sex underwear are everywhere, which can be sold offline or on the Internet.At the same time, the special nature of this product also makes its sales process very personalized and secret, and it is often completed through offline customization and online merchant network process.At the same time, you can also easily buy various styles of sexy underwear on major e -commerce platforms.

Consumer feedback

Consumer feedback is very important for the development of brands and products.International brands have a high -quality and high -quality image, and consumers have good reputation for feedback, but the service price is higher and consumer concerns are relatively large.On the contrary, domestic sex underwear brands have universal sales channels, affordable prices, and good reputation, but the quality of the product is uneven, and it needs to be more detailed brand building.

Market development trend

With the development of society and people’s aesthetics, the market of sexy underwear has become an increasingly subdivided and mature market. The development trend of humanized, personalized and technologicalization of products is very obvious. Many brands have adopted advanced manufacturing technology and technology.Elements are committed to launching more sexy lingerie styles that are beyond imagination to meet the needs of more consumers.

in conclusion

In the fierce competitive sexy underwear market, the brand’s own characteristics and positioning determine its positioning and competition advantages and disadvantages in the market.The quality, taste and grade of international sex lingerie brands are relatively high, but the price is more expensive. The price of domestic brands is more affordable and meets the needs of consumers, but it needs to be improved in quality and reputation.When buying sexy underwear, consumers should choose products that suits them according to the characteristics of the market to achieve the effects of beauty, practicality, comfort and health.