Fat Beauty wearing fun underwear pictures dynamics

Fat Beauty wearing fun underwear pictures dynamics

Fat Beauty wearing fun underwear pictures dynamics

Fat beauty can also wear sexy

Wearing a sexy underwear is not a patent for a slim beauty, and the fat beauty can also wear sexy.First of all, when choosing a fun underwear, you must choose the style and size suitable for your body. It is naturally more beautiful to wear.

Select a few sexy underwear suitable for fat beauty

1. Wide -strap vest sexy underwear: It can effectively cover the excess fat of fat beauties, while using lace materials to make them more charming and charming.

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2. Sexy lace set: oversized size design, will not leak out of fat, and uses a lace lace design at the same time, which is both sexy and vaguely revealing the cute side.

3. Deep V hollow sexy underwear suit: more bold and eye -catching, which not only shows curve beauty, but also exudes the charm of sexy and charming.

How to wear sexy underwear more sexy and confident

1. Try to avoid flat shoes and try to choose high -heeled shoes, which can make the fat beauty more supportive on the body and highlight the beauty of the curve.

2. Choose the color first to pay attention to whether it is suitable for your skin tone, otherwise it will be packaged as a pure flower fairy of a bird, which will greatly reduce the sexy index.

3. When choosing underwear suits, be careful not to match your shirt and lower installation. Choose a set of underwear suits that coordinate colors and styles, which can make the clothes neat and confident.

With clothing to create a different sexy charm

1. Long trench coat can cover the defects of the body well, while the short jacket will focus on the waist curve and leg lines. Choose one that suits you can make you more confidence.

2. High -waist short skirt with high heels can make the figure more slender. After wearing a sexy underwear, the sexy index will also greatly improve.

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3. Loose tops with tight pants or short skirts can focus on the exquisite hip of the curve and wearing sexy underwear more sexy.

Preparation before wearing sex underwear

1. After the soap is washed, it should be used by air -drying. It must not be disinfected by steam tanks to avoid deformation of stockings or produce two acetate cellulose.

2. Makeup needs to be completed when wearing sexy underwear, otherwise it is troublesome to re -makeup if you finish your makeup.

3. Choose a good sexy underwear to wait for a thorough drying, otherwise it will affect its service life.

Choose the correct underwear material

1. Smell: When choosing underwear, it should have a good smell. It should not have odor after washing. At the same time, it must be dry.

2. Material: The underwear should be made of soft and cool, which ensures the best comfortable fabric.This will help avoid sensitivity and itching.The best material is 100%cotton.

3. Quality: Good underwear should have some texture, and the luster of the fabric is also very important for underwear.

Sexy is not just the appearance

When wearing sexy underwear, don’t forget that sexy is not just on the outside, but also in your own feelings.Wearing underwear confident and generous, enjoy the happiness brought by sexy.

Remember some things to pay attention to when wearing sexy lingerie

1. Interest underwear does not exist to cater to men, but for women themselves. It feels beautiful. It is the most important thing.

2. On the premise of ensuring your own health, you can choose some special sexy products to assist.

3. When wearing a sexy underwear, you must have a good attitude and not disturbed by external comments and other factors.


Wearing a sexy underwear is not only a game of slim beauties, but also the fat beauty can also be sexy and charming.As long as you buy the styles and sizes that are suitable for your body, and then match your clothes according to your body, you can wear sexy, then the charm of sexy and charming will bloom on the body.