F upwear underwear is uncomfortable

F upwear underwear is uncomfortable

Why is sexy underwear uncomfortable?

Many women will find that even if the sexy lingerie style is beautiful, it is not so comfortable to wear.This is because the design of sexy underwear focuses on sexy and temptation. The materials and design used may affect the wear experience.

Material problem

Sex underwear is usually made of lace, silk, high -elastic mesh, etc. These materials are prone to discomfort for sensitive skin.And the softness of the material will also affect the comfort of wearing, and some materials can even cause itching or allergic to the skin.

Size problem

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If the underwear size is inappropriate, it will be uncomfortable to wear.The size of sexy underwear is generally relatively small. When buying at this time, you must try a few more sizes to ensure comfort.There may be differences in the size between different brands, so pay attention to the comparison of the size when purchasing the sexy underwear of different brands.

Design is too tight

The design of many erotic underwear looks tight and used to emphasize body lines, but when wearing it, it feels too tight, obsessed, and even affects breathing.In this case, choosing some simple styles or choosing a size suitable for you is a better solution.

Lack of support

The design of some sexy underwear is not enough to provide good support, and the pangolin effect is obvious when wearing.In this case, it is best to choose sexy underwear with supporting design.These underwear can improve the lines of the chest and abdomen, and it is more suitable for women with chest sagging or relaxation.

Multi -level design

A well -dressed sexy underwear should have a multi -layered design to make it more suitable for the body and make the body more natural and more comfortable.These designs are often used to enhance sexy, while strengthening comfort.

Seasonal impact

When wearing sexy underwear, the impact of seasonal climate cannot be ignored.The thin and light underwear is relatively discomfort caused by wearing in cold weather. At the same time, wearing thick underwear can also cause discomfort in summer.Choosing appropriate materials and design can reduce discomfort and adapt to temperature and humidity changes in different seasons.

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Pay attention to wash and care

Interest underwear needs to be replaced and cleaned regularly, otherwise the deterioration of the material and unhygienic wear will bring discomfort.At the same time, you must take care of underwear in accordance with the label description and official suggestions to avoid using bleach and too strong detergent.These can cause the aging and damage of the material, and then reduce the comfort of wearing.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

The most important point is to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Because the physical condition of each woman is different, you need to choose the appropriate design and size according to your personal needs, not the best -looking one in appearance.Only in this way can we ensure that they are comfortable and natural, and make the experience higher quality.


It is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable when wearing sexy underwear.But in fact, choosing sexy underwear that suits you, paying attention to details such as washing and care can greatly improve the comfort of wearing.And the choice of sexy underwear should be considered in combination with seasonal and occasions.Only in this way can we truly enjoy the sexy and self -confidence that erotic lingerie brings to us.