Do you have to tell your boyfriend first to buy sexy underwear

Do you have to tell your boyfriend first to buy sexy underwear


Interest underwear is now an increasingly popular underwear. Many women like to buy these underwear to increase sexy charm and stimulus.However, many people are also worried that the behavior of buying sexy underwear will be misunderstood or disgusted by others.So, if you want to buy sexy underwear, do you need to tell your boyfriend?This is a topic worth exploring.

Know the boyfriend’s idea of sexy underwear

If you plan to buy a fun underwear, it is best to understand your boyfriend’s view of this underwear.If he doesn’t like or feel uncomfortable, buying this underwear may cause unnecessary trouble.Therefore, it is important to communicate well with a boyfriend to understand his ideas.

Consider buying with your boyfriend

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If you have determined to buy sexy underwear, a good suggestion is to buy with your boyfriend.In this way, he can participate, and it is easier to understand your thoughts and needs.This also avoids the situation where the boyfriend does not like or the size is inappropriate.

Buy the right style with your boyfriend

There are many different styles and styles to buy sex underwear.Buying with your boyfriend can avoid buying underwear he doesn’t like or is not suitable for you, and it is best to choose a style that suits your style and comfort.

The purpose of buying sex underwear

Before buying a sexy underwear, you need to consider what the purpose of buying sexy underwear.Is it to increase sexy charm by yourself, or do you want to try some new stimuli?These purposes will affect the styles and styles of purchasing.

Confidence and comfort

The premise of buying sex underwear is self -confidence and comfort.Do not buy sexy underwear because of stress or unpleasant feeling.You should feel that you wear very naturally, feel comfortable and increase sexy atmosphere.

Consider the occasion and timing

If you plan to wear sexy underwear on some occasions or time, such as Valentine’s Day, Marriage Memorial Day, Birthday, etc., you need to consider the significance and importance of these goals.You can also discuss with your boyfriend to make these occasions more romantic and exciting.


Respect the boyfriend’s opinion

Even if you have determined to buy sexy underwear, you need to respect your boyfriend’s opinion.If he expresses dissatisfaction or does not like your choice, you can talk about his thoughts.If you can’t reach a consensus, you can also choose not to wear or change the underwear he likes.


When deciding whether to tell my boyfriend to buy sexy underwear, you need to consider your boyfriend’s thoughts and your own purpose.If you can communicate well and reach a consensus, then wearing sexy underwear can increase the irritation and sexy atmosphere between husband and wife.But if your boyfriend doesn’t like or feel uncomfortable, you can respect his opinions and decide whether to buy.The most important thing is that you should maintain self -confidence and comfort. The purpose of wearing sexy underwear is to make yourself feel comfortable and sexy.


Tell her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear depends on personal situation.The most important thing is to respect each other’s thoughts and opinions.If your boyfriend supports you, you can explore to buy suitable sexy underwear together.If your boyfriend feels uncomfortable or disagreed, you can talk well and find a suitable solution.