Dead Library Water Instead Open Crotch

Note: This article aims to introduce the characteristics and usage methods of the open crotch of the database water. The content is for reference only and does not represent my recommendation or support for related products.

Dead Library Water Instead Open Crotch

Square library sexy underwear is a special sexy underwear, and its open crotch design can greatly improve the fun and stimulus of sex.Below will introduce the characteristics and use of the open crotch open crotch in the storage library water.

Appearance and material

The opening of the database water -making underwear open crotch is usually made of lace, silk, elastic fabrics and other materials. The texture is soft and comfortable, and the hand feels silky.The appearance style is diverse, with ladylike, sexy, cute and other styles, and the open crotch parts are usually designed as exposed organs, which are different in shape and size.

Size selection

The size of the open crotch of the database water is similar to the average underwear, so you need to choose the size that suits you according to the shape.If you buy too much or too small, the crotch of the underwear will cause uncomfortable wear and even affect the experience of the fun.

Way of matching

In terms of matching, it is generally recommended to wear the bottom of the crotch on the crotch of the database water. It is generally recommended to wear the bottom of the bottom of the panties or G-String to ensure the overall comfort and beauty.With sexy accessories such as black stockings or high heels, it will further strengthen sexy atmosphere and improve women’s self -confidence and attractiveness.

Use occasion

The open crotch open crotch of the database water is suitable for various occasions, such as sex between couples, surprises during flirting interaction, performance of film and television works, etc.On sex occasions, the use of sexy underwear to open crotch can increase the mode and posture of sexual intercourse, making the other party more excited and satisfied.


The database water is usually washed by hand to avoid using bleaching water and too intense friction to avoid damaging the material.After washing, it should be dried and stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid exposure and humidity.

For people

The opening of the database water -making underwear is suitable for adult women. Women with special circumstances or damage to sex organs should be carefully selected or avoided.In addition, psychological and healthy women are more likely to obtain pleasure and satisfaction through the use of fun underwear.


When using the dead library water to open crotch, pay attention to personal hygiene and sex safety issues.Choose regular manufacturers and products to avoid using fake and shoddy products.At the same time, maintain the safety behavior between the two parties and follow the sexual knowledge of healthy science.

In summary, the open crotch of the database water is a sexy, exciting and interesting sexy underwear, which is suitable for various occasions and women.Through cleaning and safe use, women can get better relaxation and satisfaction.

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