Caru Township BL is wearing sexy underwear

Caru Township BL is wearing sexy underwear

Introduce the plot and role of carp novels

In the BL novel of Liyu Township, the leading actor is an introverted Xiangjing Qiuyan. He knew the man wearing a sexy underwear Tomasaki Under the chance of chance.Asuka is humorous, bold and wild, and his personality is very different from Qiu Yan.Two people together have produced many interesting interaction and plot development, and have become one of the loveders loved by many BL novel enthusiasts.

The role of erotic underwear in car novels in carp township

Sexy underwear plays a very important role in Carl Township BL novels.Initially, Konazaki appeared in front of Qiu Yan in a black sexy underwear, which attracted Qiu Yan’s attention.Later, Qiu Yan also tried to wear various styles of sexy underwear, adding more interests and fun to the relationship between the two.

Types and characteristics of men’s sex lingerie

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Men’s sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types. The main features are the following points:

1. Underwear: Including T -shaped pants, briefs and horn pants, etc., usually more conservative and practical design.

2. Gloves: such as suspenders, conjoined underwear, etc., suitable for special occasions or secrets.

3. Women’s underwear improvement category: such as bras, stockings, etc., common styles are suspenders, bras, etc.

How to buy male sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following points to buy men’s sexy underwear:

1. Size: Men’s sexy underwear is the same as ordinary clothes, and you need to buy the size suitable for your body.

2. Style: Choose the right style according to your own preferences and body characteristics.

3. Material: High -quality materials can make underwear more comfortable and textured.

Sexy Costumes

Men’s precautions for wearing sexy underwear

Men need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Remove personal items: In order to avoid the underwear or breathable, you need to take off your personal items such as underwear and socks.

2. Washing underwear: You need to clean and dry it in time to avoid bacterial breeding.

3. Happy themselves: The main purpose of men to wear sexy underwear is to increase sexual interest and pleasure, and need to wear in a state of confidence and mood.

Falling underwear matching and matching skills

The matching of men’s sex lingerie needs to be considered as follows:

1. Characteristic characteristics: Select underwear style and matching methods according to your body and characteristics.

2. Accessories: Properly select accessories such as handcuffs, collar, etc., add color to the overall effect.

3. Time problem: You need to choose the right match according to the occasion and time, such as usual pajamas or special anniversary.

Men’s psychological effects of wearing sexy underwear

Men’s sexy underwear can bring the following psychological effects:

1. Enhance confidence: Wearing sexy underwear can increase self -confidence and be proud of their appearance and figure.

2. Stimulate desire: Wearing sexy underwear can bring freshness and excitement, and inspire physical desires.

3. Increase interest: Wearing sexy underwear can increase interest and make the interaction between couples more interesting.

Men’s positive effect of wearing sexy underwear

There are the following points of the positive effect of men wearing sexy underwear:

1. Increasing sexual interest: Interest underwear can add more interest and stimulation to male sex.

2. Enhance emotion: Wearing sexy underwear can increase understanding and communication and enhance emotional relationships.

3. Increasing self -confidence: Wearing sexy underwear can make men more confident and attractive.


Interest underwear plays an important role in male life, which can increase sexual interests, enhance emotions, and improve self -confidence.Wearing sexy underwear needs to pay attention to problems such as size, style and material. The appropriate matching and psychological effects also help achieve better results.