Boyfriend’s disgusting torture

Boyfriend's disgusting torture


When you put on a sexy sexy underwear and want to surprise your boyfriend, you are finally disgusted by your boyfriend, which makes you feel very frustrated.What is the reason why her boyfriend is in trouble?From the perspective of men, this article will analyze the reasons for her boyfriend’s disgusted underwear and provide solutions.

Physical form

One of the reasons for my boyfriend’s interest in the underwear may be the physical form of the girlfriend.The girlfriend’s body shape is not suitable for wearing some styles of sexy underwear, which may make her boyfriend feel that these underwear is not good or inappropriate.

personal style

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Another reason may be the personal style of his girlfriend.If the girlfriend’s dress style has always been low -key and simple, and suddenly wearing a big red sexy lingerie, it is likely to make her boyfriend feel abrupt and uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable fabric

In addition, the fabric of the sexy underwear chosen by his girlfriend is also a possible reason for her boyfriend to feel about the underwear.The impermeable, hard and rough fabrics make your girlfriend feel uncomfortable and make her boyfriend feel uncomfortable.

Too exposed

There is also a possibility that the sexy underwear chosen by his girlfriend is too exposed.Boyfriend may think that his girlfriend’s underwear is too sexy and too exposed, which is not conducive to maintaining a certain privacy.This will make her boyfriend feel uncomfortable, embarrassing and even embarrassed.

Unexpected situation

In some occasions, the sexy underwear of a girlfriend is not the kind of boyfriend’s expectation, such as wearing too sexy sexy underwear under serious occasions.This will make her boyfriend unexpected and embarrassed.

Too commercialized

On the other hand, the packaging and advertising of sexy underwear like some brands are too commercial, which will make people feel unknown and deliberate, causing her boyfriend to dislike these erotic underwear.

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In addition, her boyfriend may be biased about sexy underwear.Or the influence from family, culture and other aspects allows her boyfriend to hold a certain view of sexy underwear.

Possible solutions

These are the possible causes of my boyfriend’s disgusted underwear.So, what solutions can solve these problems?First of all, girlfriends need to consider her body shape and choose sexy underwear suitable for her figure.At the same time, according to personal style, choose a sexy underwear that suits you instead of catering to the taste of her boyfriend.In addition, the fabric of sexy underwear needs to be fully considered and choose the fabric that suits you to maintain comfort.In addition, it is necessary to ensure the privacy of underwear and avoid being too exposed.

Establish communication and understanding

In addition, it is also important to establish communication and understanding.Girlfriend can share the idea of wearing a fun underwear with her boyfriend, understand the views and opinions of her boyfriend, and seek advice and feedback from her boyfriend, so that they can build better trust and communication between the two parties.

Don’t be deceived by commercial packaging

In addition, girlfriends should not be deceived by commercial packaging when choosing sexy underwear.Choose a brand of high -quality and high reputation to avoid those who are too commercial and deliberate.

in conclusion

In the end, the reason why her boyfriend is disgusted with underwear may be many aspects. Girlfriends need to choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their own situation and her boyfriend’s requirements, establish communication and understanding, and avoid unnecessary embarrassment and contradictions.