Will there be an HPV virus on the sexy underwear?

The truth of sexy underwear carrying HPV virus

In recent years, the question of whether sexy underwear will carry HPV virus has aroused concerns.HPV virus is one of the common viruses of sexual transmission, and it has a certain relationship with malignant tumors such as cervical cancer.When buying sexy underwear, many people will worry about whether it will be a carrier of HPV virus.But what is the truth of carrying HPV virus on sexy underwear?

The possibility of sexy underwear with virus is extremely low

First of all, we need to emphasize that the possibility of sexy underwear with HPV virus is very small.HPV virus is a virus that does not have vitality and can only breed in the host.Therefore, sexy underwear cannot provide a virus environment, and it cannot become a carrier of the virus.In fact, we should be more worried about sexual contact with people who have infected HPV viruses, or using sexual toys that have not been disinfected, which may cause the risk of virus infection.

The material used in sex underwear is different, and the possibility of carrying the virus is also different

Although sexy underwear is very likely to carry HPV viruses, there may be different risks of sexy underwear of different materials.Generally speaking, there are three main materials used in sexy underwear: plastic, silicone and TPE, where silicone is the best choice without taste.If you use plastic sexy underwear with quality and problems, the situation may be different.Some cheap erotic underwear manufacturers may use low -quality materials, which may react with human liquid and other organic matter, resulting in the environment of breeding pathogenic bacteria.

Hand washing sex underwear is the best choice

If you want to reduce the risk of infection with HPV virus, you need to ensure the hygiene of sexy underwear.The sexy underwear that has been used should be cleaned in time, and it is best to use hand washing.The use of a washing machine may damage the material of sexy underwear and cannot be cleaned thoroughly.Do not use bleach or other irritating cleaners, because these items may destroy the material of sexy underwear and increase the risk of infection.It is best to use a mild detergent to clean it thoroughly.

Storage of sexy underwear is equally important

Storage of sexy underwear is also very important.After cleaning the erotic underwear used, it should be stored in dry and ventilated places to avoid dampness and sunlight.Do not mix sexy underwear with other clothes, so that it is easy to pollute other clothing.If you need to store it for a period of time, it is best to put it in a plastic bag with a sealed device to avoid dust and bacterial pollution.

When choosing sexy underwear, choose regular channels

If you want to buy sexy underwear, you need to choose a regular purchase channel.Regular sexy underwear manufacturers will conduct strict sanitary tests and strictly control the environment during the production process.Interesting underwear sold in non -formal channels may have hygiene problems, increasing the risk of infection virus.

Follow common sense when using sex underwear

When you use sexy underwear, you also need to follow some common sense.Before using sexy underwear, you must clean it.In the process of using sex underwear, do not share with others to avoid virus transmission.In addition, do not use sexy underwear for alternate use between anal sex or vagina and anus, otherwise it will increase the risk of infection virus.

It is important to check the body regularly

Whether you use sexy underwear or not, it is very important to check your body regularly.The effect of HPV virus on the body may not be obvious. Symptoms will only occur several years or even more than ten years after infection, so early detection and treatment are critical.

in conclusion

In summary, the possibility of sexy underwear with HPV virus is very small, but you still need to pay attention to the hygiene of sexy underwear, choose regular channels to buy sexy underwear, and pay attention to personal hygiene habits.In addition, it is also important to check the body regularly.Only by noticing these precautions can we better protect their health and avoid infection with HPV virus.

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