Why isn’t it frozen in sexy underwear pictures?

1 Introduction

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear. Many women like to wear them to show their charm.However, sharing of sexy underwear photos on social media is likely to cause accounts to be frozen.This is because some platforms believe that these pictures are inappropriate or sexually related.This article will discuss how to avoid the problem of frozen erotic underwear pictures.

2. Understand platform policies

Different social media platforms have different policies to limit different types of content.Before sharing sexy underwear photos, you should first understand the platform’s policy.Generally speaking, platforms like Instagram do not allow sharing pictures of naked, pornography, or excessive exposure, and Twitter can allow sharing to be more open.

3. Edit the picture

Some platforms that share pictures will detect whether the picture contains pornographic or inappropriate content.Therefore, in order to avoid the account being locked, edit can be edited before sharing the picture.You can use picture editing tools to block inappropriate areas to avoid being detected by the detector.In addition, you can also use the filter or light effect to cover up the specific form, so that the glittering pattern and streamlined sewing thread of the golden light make the underwear seductive instead of being explicit.

4. Select the appropriate label when sharing

When sharing sex underwear pictures, you should choose appropriate labels to describe the content of the photo and your purpose.For example, "sexy underwear", "sexy underwear", "beautiful", "women" and so on.These tags should not be associated with induced keywords, porn keywords, etc.Appropriate labels can help the platform know what type of content you share, which helps to classify photos into harmless content.

5. Avoid sharing too frequently

When sharing sexy underwear photos, the frequency of control should not be shared too frequently.If you share similar sexy underwear photos in a short time, your account may be recognized as a spam advertising account by the platform, which is frozen or deleted.Therefore, it is recommended to properly balance the frequency of sharing and communication, which can increase the value of sharing.

6. Interact with other users

If you want to share sexy underwear photos, you can also reply and like other users’ photos.This method is a good way to interact with other users on the platform.They can help you build a good reputation and trust, so that the content of sharing is easier to recognize.

7. Share to a professional community

If you want to share sexy underwear photos, you can also share the photos into a professional community, such as Johhnyxoo’s Instagram or pornographic professional creators in the circle.Users in these professional communities are easier to accept these types of content, easier to build reputation, and get affirmation and recognition from other users.

8. Choose a more hidden swinging method

Another change of photos of sexy underwear is to choose a more hidden method of shooting.For example: models wearing sexy underwear can take pictures in rooms with blurred backgrounds, or use elements such as light in bedrooms for special swings.This shooting can make the photos more attractive and personalized, which is more difficult to recognize and detect the platform.

9. Remember self -examination

Before sharing sexy underwear photos, you must also remember self -examination to ensure that the content of the photo is healthy, harmless, and not attacking any group or individual.Sharing photos and not checked photos can easily cause accounts to be frozen and make themselves trapped in the homosexual community.

10. Viewpoint

In general, sharing of sexy underwear photos is not the only problem that is frozen in social media.When sharing photos, you should pay attention to your behavior ethics and abide by the needs of the platform, so as to maintain the security, stability and health of the account.

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