Why do you wear sexy underwear for selling betel nut?

1 Introduction

Have you ever seen a woman selling betel nut on the road wearing sexy underwear?In fact, this is not accidental, but there are some reasons and reasons.

2. Can increase self -confidence

Girls selling betel nut often faces the ridicule and disdain of passers -by.They are at the bottom of society and often lack confidence.Wearing sexy underwear can increase their self -confidence and make themselves more confident, attractive and mature.

3. More easy to attract customers

Girls in sexy underwear are often more eye -catching.Customers are more likely to be attracted to them and buy their betel nut.Of course, this is not necessarily a good way, but it is most important for girls selling betel nuts.

4. Make yourself more sexy

After wearing a sexy underwear, women will feel more sexy.This feeling allows them to better show their beauty and charm and increase their attractiveness.

5. Relieve psychological pressure

Girls selling betel nuts often have dilemma and social pressure is also great.Wearing sexy underwear allows them to get some psychological relief, so as to better face the challenges of life.

6. Can increase income

Selling betel nut is not a very high -paying job, but wearing sexy underwear can increase income.For example, online live broadcasts, auction and other activities often need to wear sexy underwear.This method allows girls to make more money.

7. Get some comfort

Girls selling betel nut are often treated with many discrimination and inequality.Wearing sexy underwear allows them to get some comfort and self -confidence, so that they have more courage to face life challenges.

8. Show your own personality

Everyone has their own personality, and some girls like to wear sexy underwear.They are likely to show their personality and aesthetic pursuit in this way, and let others discover their beauty and different.

9. Escape the pressure of life

Wearing a sexy underwear allows girls to escape the pressure of life.Wearing hypertrophic clothes on the betel nut stall, it is better to wear sexy underwear to make yourself more confident and beautiful.This way can help them get rid of the pressure of life and release their mood.

10. End

In short, girls selling betel nuts have various reasons and reasons.We should also respect their choices and don’t blindly evaluate them.We should understand their mood and situation and give them more care and attention.

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