Why do you open your crotch in erotic underwear?

Why do you open your crotch in erotic underwear?

Sexy underwear is a kind of clothing used to add sex to modern women. Most of the sexy underwear is designed with open crotch. Why?This article will answer from several aspects.

1. Convenience

The most intuitive benefit of open crotch underwear is convenience.Women with open crotch design can avoid the inconvenience caused by frequent undressing.Especially at night, when taking off the bedding on the body, a sexy underwear with open crotch design will undoubtedly look more convenient.

Second, irritating gender senses

Interest underwear is generally worn in sexual behavior. The open crotch design helps stimulate the gender sense of men.Men often look for signals that can be stimulated in women in women, and a sexy underwear for open crotch design not only helps to guide men’s visual senses, but also increases the fun of intercourse.

Third, sex experience

The original intention of sexy underwear is to increase sex.In this case, a sexy underwear for open crotch design is one of the best choices.It can increase the experience of interest, but also does not affect the comfort of daily life.Therefore, open crotch design has become a common element in sexy underwear.

Fourth, resolve the embarrassment

Sometimes, when you have sex with your partner, you don’t want to interrupt or go deep into a specific place to shoot. For this situation, the fun underwear of the open crotch may be a helpful factor.In other words, you can enjoy your sex activities without removing any coat.

Five, easier to choose size

Because the crotch is completely open, the sexy underwear of the open crotch design can adapt to consumers with different sizes through waist circumference, or long straps, which can not only adapt to a variety of physical forms, but also adapt to a variety of body proportions.

6. Eliminate bacterial reproduction

The open crotch design allows consumers to avoid accumulating a large amount of bacteria in the crotch, which is especially important for female consumers.Because women’s reproductive systems are relatively complicated, the crotch is put into details and details, and sometimes it is easy to be ignored or in a state that is difficult to clean due to various reasons. The use of open crotch design can eliminate this situation.

Seven, overflowing intimacy

For some women, wearing open crotch underwear will increase emotional intimacy.This feeling is not only because the domain name level of the body is close to and physiological comfort, but also appears visually.Open crotch underwear makes women look more sexy, and also reveals a feeling of sharing the body with a partner.

Eight, self -confidence improvement

Wearing open crotch underwear may make some women feel confident.This is not to say that everyone likes this type of underwear, but when they wear it, they may feel more intimate, more sexy, and more secure than usual, and they may also show a self -confidence that "I am beautiful"Heart.

in conclusion

In short, open crotch sex underwear provides many benefits without affecting sexual experience, suitable for many types of consumers.They provide convenience, irritation, fun experience, hygiene and more suitable choices for different body types, and at the same time, they can also increase women’s confidence and intimacy.Although not everyone likes to open crotch sexy underwear, their comprehensive advantages make them one of the favorite types of sexy underwear for women.

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