Where is the largest sexy underwear origin?

Where is the largest sexy underwear origin?

The international market has flourished in the international market in recent years, and more and more people like to buy and wear sexy underwear.There are different manufacturers in different countries and regions, but which country has the best sexy underwear to produce?This article will reveal where the maximum sex lingerie is produced.

China: The main production place of sexy underwear

China can be said to be one of the main products of sexy underwear.After several years of hard work, it has now become one of the biggest features of the world’s sexy underwear production.In fact, many international brands will outsourcing the manufacturing work into Chinese factories because China has cheap labor and support for industrial support policies.

United States: Leader of sex underwear

Although the sales opportunities of sexy underwear in the United States are also very large, the country’s output is lower than China.The sexy underwear of the American brand is famous for its high -quality and exquisite design, which makes it the first choice for many people.As one of the world’s largest markets, the sales of American sex underwear are very good.

Japan: The preference for sex underwear

Japan is the focus of another sexy underwear production.Interest underwear has become a popular cultural phenomenon in Japan.As China, in Japan, the sex underwear industry is also under tremendous pressure. They not only need to produce high -quality products, but also need to conduct detailed research and investigation of fashion trends.

France: Representative of sexy underwear

French erotic underwear brands not only have excellent market performance in Europe, but also have a significant influence in the global market.Its biggest feature is its exquisite and high -quality fabrics designed.French sex lingerie brands have become one of the highly international brands.

Italy: Hometown of high -end sexy underwear

In Europe, Italy is known as the hometown of high -end sexy underwear.The country’s brand has always been known for its high -quality and noble design and production technology.As part of the European market, Italy’s influence of sexy underwear production on the European market has increased day by day.According to statistics, Italy accounts for about 5%of the global sexy underwear market.

Australia: a good place for sex underwear brands

Australia is also one of the production sites of sex underwear.The country’s brand is famous for its high -quality and exquisite design.These brands use green and environmentally friendly raw materials to produce the required products.Its production method is very different from Europe and the United States, thus winning awards in the market.

Canada: Large participants in the sexy underwear market

Although Canada’s sexy underwear has a low output, its brand has also been favored by many people.The Canadian brand performed quite well in the world market, and its quality and design have also been favored by many consumers.

Brazil: sexy underwear innovation

Brazil is an innovator of sexy underwear, and its sexy underwear has a high popularity worldwide.Global brands are widely released in the market, while the sexy underwear of the Brazilian brand is the most well -known.

Germany: Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Experts

Germany is an industrialized country with high efficiency and quality, as is the love lingerie industry in the country.The German brand is famous for its high -quality production process, and adopted advanced environmental protection technology to ensure that each sexy underwear is high -quality.Germany’s performance in the global market is also amazing, and its sexy underwear has ranked among the global sexy lingerie companies.


In general, the amount and quality of sexy underwear in various countries are different.Different countries have their own strengths due to historical, cultural, economy, and technology. There will always be some of them better than other countries to create erotic underwear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose the one that suits you according to your own needs and brand characteristics.

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