What should I do if the sexy underwear is touched by the courier?


With the continuous development of the sex products market, sexy underwear is becoming more and more loved by female friends. When buying sexy underwear, due to some privacy and particularity, we are more inclined to go online and choose to send them.However, sometimes something embarrassing and confusing will happen, such as sexy underwear is touched by the courier.


When you receive a sexy underwear, you find that the outer packaging has been disassembled or the internal goods have been unpacked or touched, which may be due to the exploration of the courier during the delivery process.

Cause Analysis

Some courier may have curiosity or adverse purposes about sexy underwear. They will open the package privately and explore internal products. At this time, you will be violated.

Psychological advice

First of all, we must keep calm and make both internal and external reactions.Discover inappropriate things, strive to keep calm, and don’t act blindly.After confirming that the courier touched the sexy underwear, he could complain to the relevant courier companies and protect his rights and demand investigation on the incident.

Complaint method

We need to complain to the courier company in a timely manner about the situation of sexy underwear by the courier.Complaints can be made through various channels, such as dialing courier company customer service telephones, and submitting a complaint application on the official website of the courier company or mobile phone APP.

Legal channel

The sexy underwear is touched by the courier that is illegal. If you cause economic loss and mental injury, you can protect your rights through legal channels.However, before the use of legal means, all details need to be made to ensure sufficient evidence.


In order to prevent this situation of being touched by the courier by the sexy underwear, we need to choose a courier company with a good reputation and a famous e -commerce platform for purchasing when buying.In addition, it is recommended to choose a pocket or internal packaging when buying a sexy underwear, which can effectively protect the internal products from being read.

Soul comfort

If you find that sexy underwear has been touched by the courier, it will definitely bring us some mental problems and discomfort.However, we need to tell ourselves that this is a problem for others and don’t punish ourselves.We need to adhere to our beliefs, and do not give up our pursuit of a better life.


In general, the situation of sexy underwear was touched by the courier. Although it is inevitable, this is not normal. We need to keep this alertness and take effective measures to prevent and maintain.Only by understanding related knowledge and skills can we better protect their privacy and rights.


The sex underwear is not allowed and supported by the legal firm by the courier. We should actively protect our rights and interests.At the same time, it is recommended that the government also introduce relevant laws and regulations to strengthen the management of courier and prevent such incidents.Only in this way can we truly protect our personal privacy and rights in the Internet era.

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