What should I do if my boyfriend’s sexy underwear is ugly?

What should I do if my boyfriend’s sexy underwear is ugly?

Wearing sexy underwear can make women more confident, increase interest and fun.However, it is not easy to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.What is even more troublesome is that when my boyfriend chooses a set of underwear you don’t like, what should I do?Below, we will introduce what should I do when my boyfriend’s sexy underwear is ugly in order to give full play to the advantages of sexy underwear.

1. Patient communication

First, communicate with your boyfriend.Tell him that you don’t like this set of underwear, and ask his views to see if he also thinks that this underwear is not suitable for you.Through communication, you can understand each other’s ideas and achieve consensus.In each other’s respect and understanding, more harmonious results can be obtained.

2. Find the right style

According to your own characteristics and preferences, choose your favorite style.Interest underwear has various shapes and materials, such as back, hollow, transparent, and lace.You can choose a style that suits you according to your preferences, so as to enhance self -confidence, and at the same time allow your boyfriend to appreciate the sexy underwear that is more suitable for you.

3. Confidence wearing

No matter what kind of sexy underwear you wear, you must be confident.Confidence can make you more sexy and charming, while inferiority will weaken the effect of sexy underwear.Therefore, no matter which erotic underwear you choose, you must have more confidence and courage to enjoy the interesting life.

4. Appreciate your body

Wearing sexy underwear helps to appreciate your body.This not only makes yourself more confident, but also allows your boyfriend to better understand his body.My boyfriend chose a set of sexy underwear you don’t like. At this time, he can take his boyfriend to appreciate his body, so that he can better understand his preferences and characteristics, and help to better share the interesting life.

5. Select the right occasion

Wearing sexy underwear, choose the right occasion.It is normal to wear sexy underwear in sex venues, such as sex parties, nightclubs and bars.However, in public places, such as shopping malls and parks, it is best not to wear overly interesting underwear.Consider factors such as occasions, time and dress, and choose the right sexy underwear.

6. Respect each other

The thoughts and opinions of each other should be respected.If your boyfriend insists on letting you wear a set of sexy underwear you don’t like, you can euphemistically tell him your thoughts, and at the same time you can try to understand and accept his thoughts.In fun life, the two sides should respect each other and treat them equally.

7. Seek help

If you are still not sure which underwear is suitable for you, you can seek professional advice.Professional erotic lingerie shop staff can provide you with suitable sexy lingerie styles and suggestions according to your figure and preferences.At the same time, you can also seek help and suggestions from others in the interesting community, so that it is easier to find a sexy underwear that suits you.

8. Recommend suitable sexy underwear

If you have found a sexy underwear that suits you, you can recommend to your boyfriend’s sexy underwear.Tell him your preferences and characteristics, provide some information for reference.You can also choose suitable sexy underwear together when shopping, thereby enhancing mutual emotions and feelings.

in conclusion

In short, wearing erotic underwear can make us more confident and sexy.When my boyfriend chooses a set of sexy underwear that is not suitable for you, you can solve this problem by patient communication and finding a suitable style.At the same time, we must also respect each other’s ideas and seek professional help to better enjoy the interesting life.

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