What posture does wearing sex underwear?

What posture does wearing sex underwear?

When it comes to sexy underwear, many people may think of them just to add fun and flirting, but in fact, sexy underwear can also bring you a lot of pleasure.When wearing a sexy underwear, the posture has a vital impact on your pleasure.So, what posture does wearing sex underwear?In this article, we will share 8 best pose, so that you can be more comfortable and pleasant when you can wear sexy underwear.

1. Standing posture (standing standby)

Without any disturbance, standing in sexy underwear is the simplest and most comfortable way.Stand up on the upper body, and put your hands on both sides of your body, so that your appropriate sexy underwear declines along the body.This posture allows you to adjust your sexy underwear more easily to ensure the best results.

2. Lie down (lying down and enjoy)

Lying down is one of the comfortable postures. In this posture, you can better feel your body’s relaxation.After you put on a sexy underwear, you can lie flat and enjoy these feelings.Because you can see the sexy underwear of the whole body in most cases, this will inspire your emotions and increase your sense of refreshing.

3. Lie down (face to face)

This posture usually requires you or your partner to lie on the bed, which can show your back and waist elegantly.In this posture, the design of sexy underwear can help everyone further beautify the body curve, making the interaction between you and your partner more interesting.You can let your partner observe and touch the sexy underwear worn on the back to increase sexual stimulation.

4. Kneeling posture (any angle)

When entering this posture, you can try to kneel on the bed or floor.In this posture, you can better show your thighs and hips.You will have amazing charm to wear sexy underwear.Continuously provide perfect visual effects, making you more attractive in the eyes of your partner.

5. Sitting posture (chat and healing)

If you want to drink a drink or chat with friends when wearing a sexy underwear, this posture is very suitable for you.You can sit on the sofa or on a chair to show the best effect of sexy underwear.You can say something flirting with your partner when you stand behind, when you stand behind, this will inspire their sexual desire.

6. Revealing posture (the beauty of mysterious)

This posture requires you to suddenly unveil your clothes, revealing your beauty of your curve.After showing a completely different image to your partner, this posture can bring strong stimulation and pleasure, which is very suitable for occasions where passion and surprise.

7. Extreme challenge posture (challenge scale)

Although this posture may be a bit challenging, it is an excellent way to increase sexuality.This posture will show you how to make sexy underwear taller.You can improve the expressiveness of your posture through some adjustments and changes.This is an experience full and challenging for people with confidence in the body.

8. Women’s superior posture (freedom)

This posture not only helps you feel the greatest pleasure, but also allows you to control the overall situation.In the posture of the female upper, you can elegantly show your entire body curve by wearing sexy underwear.Your partner can better appreciate your figure, and you can also enjoy the comfortable feelings brought to you from sex underwear.

in conclusion

When wearing a sexy underwear, the choice of posture has a vital impact on your pleasure.In this article, we share 8 best postures, which can help you better feel the pleasure brought by sexy underwear.No matter what kind of posture you choose, you must ensure your comfort and safety.I hope you can find a posture that suits you in the attempt and gradually enjoy the pleasure that the sexy underwear brings to you.

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