What kind of "Taobao sells sexy lingerie


Taobao, as one of China’s largest e -commerce platforms, covers various commodity categories.So, what kind of eyes are Taobao selling sex underwear?This is a question that many sellers are very concerned.This article will answer you from multiple angles.

Nature and attribute

The nature and attributes of sex underwear are different from ordinary clothing.Sexy underwear pays more attention to visual and emotional stimuli, and usually uses sexy and exposed designs, which is reminiscent of sex.Compared with ordinary clothing, sexy underwear is more likely to be attributed to adult supplies categories.

Taobao rules

According to Taobao’s regulations, sexy underwear belongs to the "adult products" category.Specifically, sexy underwear includes adult supplies, contraceptive products, sexy underwear, sex health products and other small categories.When the seller is put on a sexy underwear, he must comply with the relevant rules of the Taobao platform, such as strictly observing transparent labeling, prohibiting the use of explicit and vulgar model pictures.

Material and manufacturing process

The material and manufacturing process of sexy underwear also have a certain impact on the classification of goods.Some erotic underwear, especially high -end European and American sexy underwear, use high -quality fabrics and exquisite manufacturing processes, closer to the scope of fashion underwear.Other sexy underwear uses chemical fiber and synthetic materials, which pay more attention to sexy and visual effects, and closer to the category of adult products.

Market demand

With the gradual opening of sexual culture, the demand for the sexy underwear market is becoming stronger.At the same time, with the gradual maturity of the younger generation, their demand for sex underwear has gradually increased.Market surveys show that the market proportion of sexy underwear on the e -commerce platform is growing, so Taobao lists sexy underwear as the key support category.


There are many domestic sexy underwear brands, and well -known ones are Louvon, Benaton, Secrets in LACE, etc.In addition, foreign European and American brands are also loved by Chinese people, such as Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur.

Shop type

There are also many shops selling sexy underwear on Taobao.In addition to the shops that specialize in sexy underwear, there are some adult products stores, sex health products stores, etc., and even some sexy underwear shops set up under other categories, such as beauty and women’s clothing.

Industry competition

The interesting underwear market is fiercely competitive, and Taobao, as an e -commerce platform, has a huge number of sellers.In addition, the production and sales threshold of sexy underwear are low, resulting in uneven prices and quality, and the industry chaos is endless.This also brings some challenges to the seller’s sales of products under this category.

User buyer portrait

As a category of adults, the user group of sexy underwear is relatively special, mainly for the 20-40-year-old adult group with a certain purchasing power.Among them, female users account for a large proportion, while male users usually buy as gifts or sex toys.Users pay more attention to the value and sexuality of sexy underwear, and the price is not the most important consideration.

Future trend

With the increasingly open sex culture, the sexy underwear market will grow further.At the same time, with the differentiated needs of consumers in sex underwear, some sex underwear brands or shops such as pregnant women and large -size women, such as pregnant women, large size women, will gradually rise.For sellers, it is necessary to pay more attention to brand, quality, and services to enhance consumers’ purchase experience.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear is an adult product category, and the Taobao platform also lists sexy underwear as one of the key support categories.This also shows that sexy underwear has gradually separated from the constraints of traditional society and has become a popular part.For sellers, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and customer experience in accordance with relevant regulations in order to achieve a certain prospect and success in this market.

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