What is the name of a sexy underwear shop to take?


It is necessary to consider many factors to open a sexy underwear shop, the most important of which is the store name.The name of the store is the manifestation of the brand image and affects the purchase decision of customers.How to get a good name?Here are some suggestions.

Consider the customer group

First of all, consider who your target customer group is, your store name should meet their needs and preferences.For example, if your target customers are young women, you can choose some cute, fashionable and sexy store names; if your target customer is a middle -aged couple, you can choose some high -end, elegant and professional store names.

Pay attention to trademark rights

When selecting the name of the store, pay attention to avoid trademark infringement and avoid similar words or trademarks used by other merchants in the name of the store, otherwise it may cause legal problems.

Simple and easy

The name of the store should be simple and easy to remember, and it is convenient to speak.Too complicated or mouthful names make it difficult to remember and is not conducive to promotion.A good store name should be beautiful, poetic and easy to understand. In order to strengthen memory, you can use uprising or spelling in English.

Reflecting brand characteristics

The name of the store must reflect the characteristics of the brand, and simply express the main product or service of the store.For example, add the words "sexy", "adult", "Europe and the United States", "Fun" and other words.

It should not be too adventurous

The store name should not be too adventurous, and it is not appropriate to be too aggressive or provocative.Because these names may offend some people or cause adverse reactions.Try to choose neutral or positive languages as much as possible to leave a good first impression.

Please help professionals

If you have enough funds and time, you can ask a professional brand to name the company to help you name it.These companies have a wealth of brand naming experience. They can provide some good names that meet your brand style according to your needs and target customer groups, and help you carry out follow -up work such as trademark registration.

Trial and error improvement

Whether your store name is thinking or asking professionals to name it, you need to try different names to continuously try and error.You can ask your friends or customers around you, and choose the best name for the store.Remember, a good store name needs to be polished in practice.


Choosing a good store name is an important prerequisite for opening a sexy underwear shop.Good store names can attract target customers, show the characteristics and brand image of the store, and increase their popularity and sales.Therefore, consider the selection of store names at all times.


The name of the store is an important part of the brand and an important manifestation of the corporate image.Select the store name that meets the requirements according to the target customers and brand characteristics.When selecting the name of the store, you can ask professionals to help and continue to try and error.Only by collecting multiple suggestions and combined with the actual situation, can we formulate the name of the most suitable brand characteristics and target customers.

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