What is the name of a few ribbon’s sexy underwear?

What is the name of a few ribbon’s sexy underwear?


In modern society, sexy underwear is becoming more and more loved by women, and the sexy underwear of a few of them is the most special.However, many women do not know their specific names when they buy, and they do not know how to match them.In this article, there will be a few sexy underwear and how to wear it correctly.

Drink sexy underwear

Strangery underwear is the most common one of them. It is connected by one or more camislars. You can choose different quantities and locations according to personal preference.This sexy underwear is sexy and bold, which is very suitable for summer clothing such as short skirts and hot pants.

Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear is a very interesting underwear. It consists of three small dots, covering the nipples and private parts, which are usually connected to each other.This sexy underwear is very suitable for sex parties, which will make you feel fun and exciting.

C -shaped pants sexies

C -shaped pants erotic underwear is a very special underwear, usually connected from three straps, one of which is located in the private part, and the other two are close to the hips.This sexy underwear is suitable for wearing at home or on bed, making you feel sexy and confident.

Vest sexy underwear

The vest sexy underwear is a very comfortable underwear. It is composed of the vest and the thin band connected to the breast, making you feel a wonderful and soft skin.This sexy underwear is suitable for loose jeans and skirts, which is very suitable during exercise or vacation.

Butterfly sexy underwear

Butterfly erotic underwear is a very popular underwear that is very popular. It consists of two thin bands connected to the breast and a butterfly decoration attached to the private part.This sexy underwear can be paired with transparent tulle skirts and hard shoes, making you feel weak and mysterious.

Triangle Pants Interesting Underwear

Triangular pants are a classic design, composed of triangular fabrics and belts, providing women with the most basic protection and support.This sexy underwear is suitable for daily wear, with long skirts or swimsuits, making you feel sexy and natural.

Cross -back sexy sheet

Cross -strap sexy underwear is a kind of underwear that shows your beautiful back. It is composed of multiple thin straps. It cross through the back and design elegant and sexy.With a dress or suspender skirt, it perfectly shows a diamond -like back.

Conjoined pants and sexy underwear

Spoow -jumps Instead, the underwear is the all -around champion in the underwear, which can show the shape of the figure without losing the romantic temperament.This underwear is usually composed of some spherical decorations and multiple bands. With high heels, it is a costume that is very suitable for dating.

Racing player Intellectual Jie

Racing player’s fun underwear is a very fashionable underwear. It is very sexy in the shape and outside, which can satisfy women’s freedom and adventure spirit.With tight jeans or short skirts, add points to your action and personality.


There are many types of sexy underwear of several straps. Whether you are flirting or need some stimuli, there will always be one for you.Every sex underwear has its own way of dressing. I hope this article can help you find the most suitable sexy underwear for you.

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