What is the foreign sex lingerie market?

Overview of foreign sex lingerie markets

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing designed for couples.It can meet consumers’ needs of sexy, romantic, special and personality.Globally, sexy underwear business is becoming one of the main consumer markets.In foreign markets, sexy underwear is not only simple underwear, but also a collection of clothing, toys and small accessories.Therefore, the sexy underwear market is considerable.

The development process of sexy underwear market

The history of the sex underwear market can be traced back to the mid -1960s.At that time, some character stores began to appear in the United States, providing some gender hormone -related products and services.However, it was not until the end of the 1980s that the sex underwear market began to develop and developed prosperity.Now, sexy underwear has become the mainstream underwear consumer goods in the US market.

The main consumer group in the sex underwear market

The consumer groups of sexy underwear are limited by age and gender, mainly concentrated in young women and married couples.In the United States, the consumer group of sexy underwear accounts for 50%of the adult underwear market.

The share of international brands in foreign markets

In this market, international brands are the dominance of the sex underwear market.Such brands include Victoria’s Secrets, Leila, Annarina, Maria and Belladelf.These brands have a large number of label channels and sales terminals in the United States and European markets, and have formed a large -scale brand system and strong influence.

The main price level of foreign sex underwear market

The price level of sex underwear varies from brand, materials and processing technology.Generally speaking, high-end sexy lingerie brands are relatively high, and their prices are concentrated between $ 35-150.The middle section of brand price is concentrated between $ 25-55, while the price of low-end brands is below $ 20.

The material type of sex underwear market

The material of sexy underwear is mainly soft, comfortable, sexy, transparent, satin, leather and lace.In addition, some high -end brands also use diamonds, metals and other valuable substances to add color to the product.

The strategy of international brands in promoting sexy underwear

The unique promotion method of international sex lingerie brands is also one of its success.These brands use some eye -catching, unique and bold advertising methods, such as experiential advertising, sexy supermodel endorsements, gift cards, lottery and limited styles.

The influence of foreign sex lingerie e -commerce market

The e -commerce sales of sexy underwear account for the leading of the current sex underwear market.The importance of international brand online sales business is very fast, and its importance cannot be underestimated through major e -commerce platforms.

Future trend of foreign sex underwear market

The market growth of sex underwear has grown rapidly.Although due to the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, the sexy underwear industry was once impacted, but sexy underwear continued to grow. It has become the first choice for consumers around the world and became a popular product for the market economy.

Opportunities and challenges in foreign sex underwear markets

In the case of increasingly fierce competition, sexy underwear companies must maintain innovation and use new, unique, high -quality, and modern products to occupy the market.In addition, accelerating the globalization strategy and leapfrog development is an important issue for sex underwear companies to face.


In the next few years, the sex underwear market will continue to grow rapidly.With the continuous development of e -commerce and the continuous leading of international brands in the market, sexy underwear will become one of the mainstream consumer products worldwide.

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