What does it feel like wearing a sexy lingerie?

1 Introduction

Everyone has their favorite sexy lingerie styles, and for Taurus men, their personality characteristics determine their needs for sexy underwear.In addition to satisfying your visual desire, you can also enhance the fun of sex.This article will explore the feelings of wearing sexy underwear for Taurus men.

2. Sexy type

Taurus men usually like sexy sexy underwear, which can make them intoxicated in front of the mirror. The feeling of raising their heads makes them feel confident and easier to stimulate their sexual desire.Sexy underwear materials are generally soft and close, allowing Taurus men to get rid of the sense of restraint and relax.

3. Set type

Taurus men are more practical. They like to support the color -style sexy underwear, that is, a suit with a jacket and pants, so that they can not only see the effect of the entire dress, but also better coordinate.In addition, the set of sexy underwear can also adjust the proportion of figure and make the figure more slender.

4. Personally

The personalized and sexy underwear can well highlight the body advantage of Taurus men and show their muscle lines.Perfect and sexy underwear can also make Taurus men feel the sensory stimulus and improve the taste and fun during sex.

5. Large size type

Taurus men are sometimes shy and conservative.For Taurus men with a larger body shape, fit underwear is more difficult to choose, not to mention choosing sexy underwear?At this time, large -scale sexy underwear can meet their needs.The sexy underwear suitable for your body feels more comfortable and relaxed.

6. lace type

Lace -type sexy underwear has a unique romance and sweet style, making Taurus men feel the tenderness and romantic atmosphere of her girlfriend.Lace -type sexy underwear compared to other types of sexy underwear can bring more fantasy and romantic atmosphere.

7. Pure color

Taurus men usually pay more attention to the balance and harmony of their hearts. Too fancy of sexy underwear tones will make them feel physically and mentally oppressed. At this time, the solid color sexy underwear is very suitable for them.Pure -colored erotic underwear is not only simple and clear, but also has the special characteristics represented by different colors to adapt to Taurus men with different moods.

8. Floral type

Floral sexy underwear has different colors and patterns, which are more romantic and sweet, which is very attractive for Taurus men.Putting on flower -type sexy underwear, Taurus men can feel a pleasant mood and improve their excitement.

9. Silk type

Silk -type sexy underwear can bring a luxurious and comfortable feeling to Taurus men. After wearing them, Taurus men can feel vigorous vitality and self -confidence.Silk -type sexy underwear is soft and comfortable, not only beautiful and sexy, giving people a strong visual effect.

10. End

In short, sexy underwear can make Taurus men more confident, relaxed, more comfortable, and enjoy the fun of sex.Don’t forget that when choosing sexy underwear, choose your own body and characteristics to choose the style and material that suits you, which can eventually meet your needs and mental health.

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