What does blood drops sexy underwear mean?

What does blood drops sexy underwear mean?


There are many types of erotic underwear, of which "blood droplets" are the most representative.So, what exactly is blood drops sexy underwear?Let’s take a look together.


Blood drops of sexy underwear refers to a translucent underwear, which is especially in the lace of the lining with some red dot -shaped objects, which looks like dripping blood droplets.Its design focuses on fun, which makes people both sexy and charming, which is full of mystery and a sense of charm.


Some people say that the word Blood Drip’s sex underwear originated from the Dream of the Red Mansion in the Tang Dynasty, but there is no reliable evidence.It is rumored that it first appeared in Japan, and it was difficult to verify which year and which brand was launched.


Blood droplets are generally used for transparent gauze materials and add a certain amount of spandex to increase softness and transparency.At the same time, the blood drops used for decorative are usually added to the lace by painting or printing.


Blood Drops of Instead of Instead, the styles of sexy underwear are unique, generally include split type, conjoined, three -point type, etc.Among them, one -piece is the most popular because it can better highlight the body curve of women.


The color of the blood drops of sexy underwear is mainly black, red and purple, of which black is the most common.Black is often regarded as a mysterious, sexy, and seductive representative color, while red is a warm, wild, vibrant representative color.


The size of the blood drops sexy underwear is generally smaller than that of ordinary underwear, because this underwear is designed to show the beauty of the women’s curve.Therefore, you must choose according to your body size and preference when buying.


Blood drops are not suitable for all occasions.It is suitable for wearing in romantic private places, such as the romantic moment with lovers, Valentine’s Day celebration, etc.But it is not advisable to wear in formal occasions and daily life.


Although blood drops are exquisite and wonderful, they also need to maintain proper maintenance.It is best to wash it with cold water when washing. Use a neutral washing solution to avoid strong rubbing. After drying it, put it in a cool vent, and store it in a pneumile cotton bag.


Blood drops are unique in the design of the underwear, which is both interesting and bright when wearing.However, choosing and dressing must be grasped to the best effect.

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