What brands does the sex of sex underwear?

What brands does the Source of Instead?

Brand 1: Baci Lingerie

BACI LINGERIE is a US sexy underwear brand, which began in 2001. The brand produced by the brand is diverse, unique in style, fast -changing season, and keeping pace with the times.The brand’s sexy underwear style is full of sexy and stylish.If you want to find a sexy lingerie style that women like, you may wish to consider this brand.

Brand 2: Escante Lyingerie

Escante Lingerie is a US sexy underwear brand founded in 1986. The brand mainly produces women’s underwear, five -piece set and sexy skirt.The brand focuses on the combination of details and colors. It has a variety of styles and attracts many young women.

Brand 3: Leg Avenue Lingerie

LEG Avenue Lingerie is a US sexy underwear brand founded in 1984. The brand is mainly productive stockings, dance skirts and sexy underwear.The brand’s product design is novel and colorful, and is loved by young women.

Brand 4: Dreamgirl Lingerie

Dreamgirl Lingerie is a US sexy underwear brand. The brand’s product style is diversified and caters to the various needs of the market.The brand’s sexy underwear is highly quality, and the price is moderate, which has been well received by many customers.

Brand 5: Shirley of Hollywood Lingerie

Shirley of Hollywood Lingerie is a US sexy underwear brand, founded in 1948. This is a brand with a long history.The brand mainly produces products such as women’s sexy underwear, sexy underwear and flirting suits. It is stylish, sexy, and bold.The brand’s products are not only suitable for sexy shops, but also welcomed by the Performing Arts and modeling world.

Brand 6: René Rofé Lingerie

René Rofé Lingerie is a American sex lingerie brand, founded in 1986.The brand is mainly productive five -piece set, sexy underwear and sexy underwear.The brand’s design is unique, diverse, and high -quality, and is loved by lovers.

Brand 7: Coquette Lingerie

Coquette Lingerie is a Canadian sex lingerie brand, which was founded in 1979.The brand is mainly productive women’s underwear, flirting skirts and stockings, which are stylish and bold.The brand’s product design is unique, the size matching, and the cost -effective.

Brand 8: Anais Lingerie

Anais Lingerie is a European sex lingerie brand, founded in 2005.The brand mainly produces sexy underwear, sex accessories and sexy underwear.The brand’s products are simple and generous, have a strong sexy atmosphere, and are favored by young women in Europe and the United States.

Brand 9: Obsessive Lingerie

ObSessive Lingerie is a Polish sex lingerie brand, founded in 2006.The brand produces has a variety of sexy lingerie styles, rich colors, and good quality.The brand’s product is sexy and charming, beautiful, and affordable, and is loved by young women.


Oh La La Cheri Lingerie is a French sex lingerie brand, which was founded in 2006.The brand is productive women’s underwear, quarrels, tot skirts and stockings.The brand’s product style is gorgeous and elegant. It has a romantic atmosphere and retro atmosphere in Bordeaux, France, which is welcomed by young European and American women.

in conclusion

From the above brands, the source manufacturers of sexy underwear covers many countries and regions around the world. The brands are diverse, new, moderate, sexy and charming.When choosing a source of sex underwear, you can consider the above brands and choose the supply brand that suits you according to your actual situation.

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