What are the fun underwear in B70?


B70, Bohemia 70 is a stylish and sexy underwear style. More and more women are starting to try this new style of dressing style, but how to choose suitable sexy lingerie styles?This article will recommend several sexy underwear suitable for B70 from the characteristics, color, and styles of the B70.

The characteristics of B70

The B70 refers to the underwear style of the cup as a cup. Compared with the traditional underwear, the B70 is characterized by its comfort and personal sense.Underwear can not only fit the body, but also can effectively cover the breasts due to its wide cup design, making the chest shape more plump and three -dimensional.When choosing a sexy underwear, we need to choose a wide cup and plump underwear style according to the characteristics of the B70.

Selection of color

Compared with other underwear, the B70 has a larger area and is seen by the outside world, so the color choice is very important.The dark -colored sexy lingerie style usually enhances the curve of the body and covers some of the difficult parts, such as black and dark red.Light -tone sexy underwear can better highlight the smooth skin, such as white, pink, light purple, etc.Therefore, according to personal skin color and the advantages and disadvantages of its own body curve, choosing color is very necessary.

Style recommendation 1: lace sexy underwear

The design characteristics of the B70 make it very suitable for lace sexy underwear. Laces can make the chest more prominent and curve more attractive.At the same time, lace can make the underwear more soft and comfortable, which is also the underwear style pursued by the B70 in design.When choosing lace sexy underwear, we should pay attention to choosing a cup design to avoid unsighting such as "lace hook" in the cup mouth.

Style recommendation 2: hollow design sexy underwear

The hollow design sexy underwear has become more and more popular in the fashion circle in recent years, which also stems from its unique fashion design style.For the B70, the hollow matching effect can make it more sexy and charming, suitable for different dressing styles such as camisole and back.Especially the back design, it can show the beauty of the B70 to the fullest.

Style recommendation 3: Planet underwear style

The design characteristics of the B70 also include a relatively loose flat lingerie.The front chest of the flat lingerie is designed as flat as the cut line is wrapped in the method of cutting the nipples, which is more comfortable and natural.Recently popular milk stickers are designed with flat lingerie, good breathability, almost impossible to stick, and at the same time make the chest look more and more natural. It is a good choice for B70 underwear.

Personal needs decision

Of course, for everyone, the selected erotic lingerie style is also related to personal needs.For example, for people with sagging and relaxation of the chest, you can choose to have a fixed -edge sexy underwear, which can effectively prevent the chest running and form a natural, three -dimensional, and tight sexy chest shape.For people with a slightly larger chest, you can choose a high -waisted and wide -shoulder sexual emotional and sexy underwear to prevent unexpected exposure.In summary, personal needs are also an important factor in choosing sexy lingerie styles.

Take care of small details

When selecting sexual erotic underwear, there is another need to pay attention to, that is, small details.For example, whether the stitching of the cup mouth is flat, the tailoring of the entire underwear, whether the underwear material has texture, etc.Therefore, when buying, in addition to paying attention to styles and carefully comparing the brand, you must also pay attention to details, which can also ensure that we wear more beautiful and attractive results.

Size and comfort

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size and comfort also need to focus on.Especially underwear such as B70, the choice of size must be cautious to avoid unwell phenomenon such as loose and slipping underwear.In addition, the material is also the key. The comfortable underwear material is not only more friendly to the skin, but also brings the comfort of wearing.Therefore, when choosing underwear, choose the size and fabric that suits you according to your actual situation.


The B70 underwear is a underwear with special characteristics. How to choose sexy underwear with also has become the focus of people’s attention.Abandoning too statement, this article introduces several sexy underwear suitable for B70 through the characteristics, color, and styles of B70, and share some details and skills to help readers choose more suitable interesting interestsunderwear.

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