Wash the sexy underwear, do you want to wash it?

Wash the sexy underwear, do you want to wash it?

Many people will have some confusion about private underwear like sexy underwear. For example, do you want to wash it first after buying?This problem is actually very important. Today we will find out.

Wash the insurance first

Before buying any kind of clothing, it should be cleaned.Because even the clothing of the new factory may have some bacteria or chemicals during the production process, which may cause some harm to our health.

Interest underwear also needs to be washed to avoid irritating or allergic reactions to our sensitive skin.Especially the sexual emotional and fun underwear, which is more tender and easy to leave small traces on the skin, needs to be cleaned.

What should I pay attention to before washing

We need to check the inside and outside parts before washing the affectionate underwear.See if there is any damage or departure, so as not to cause more damage after washing.

At the same time, you need to choose the appropriate washing method according to the material of the underwear.At present, the sexy underwear on the market is mostly made of chemical fiber materials. Therefore, it is recommended to use cleaning agents to avoid using too strong alkaline cleaner to avoid destroying the elasticity, softness and color of the clothing.

How to clean

When cleaning sex underwear, you can choose to wash or use the washing machine.It is recommended to use a neutral detergent, soak it in the water for a while, rub it gently, and finally rinse it.

If you use a washing machine, you need to pay attention to the soft mode. At the same time, the sexy underwear is washed in the underwear washing bag to prevent the clothing from being too friction, damaging the feel or deformation.

Dry way

After cleaning the sexy underwear, be sure to dry it naturally in a well -ventilated place. It should not be exposed to exposure.If you need to use electricity drying, select low temperature and short -term drying method.

In addition, do not dry the underwear directly on the sun or expose to the sun to avoid the breeding of bacteria due to the effect of ultraviolet rays caused by ultraviolet rays.

Underwear storage

After the erotic underwear is cleaned, it needs to be placed in a dry, ventilated place to avoid stacking with other clothes.It is best to roll the underwear hands into rolls to avoid disclosure.

If possible, you can also put sexy underwear in a special storage box, so as to keep the shape and quality of the underwear.

Details that need attention

Some sexy underwear has some decorations, such as sequins, lace, and so on.These decorations are relatively delicate, so we need to pay special attention when washing to avoid damage or drop.

In addition, in the process of rubbing or washing, you should not be too hard, so as not to reduce the elasticity and feel of the clothing.

Underwear replacement time

Sex underwear also needs to be replaced and updated.Especially those who use more times or have been used for a long time, their quality and elasticity will decrease, and they need to be replaced at this time.


In general, after buying sexy underwear, we must ensure that it is clean and hygienic.Proper washing, drying, and storage can greatly extend the life of the underwear and escort our health.

If you have any other questions, you can consult a professional sexy underwear sales personnel or professional cleaning agency.

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