Is it okay to dry sexy lingerie on the balcony?

Is it okay to dry sexy lingerie on the balcony?


Summer is approaching. Many female friends will wear sexy sexy underwear at home, but many people will have a confusion: Is it good to dry sex underwear on the balcony?Will there be a unsatisfactory result of this?This article will analyze this problem from several aspects.


The fabrics of sexy underwear are usually more tender, and some are even made of silk or lace. It is best not to dry directly on the balcony in sexy underwear in this fabric, because the sunlight will lose elasticity and color of the fabric and easily deform.It is recommended to put them in a ventilated and dry place.


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Many sexy underwear is more colorful. If it is dried on the balcony, it is easy to fade, especially in areas where the sun is stronger, it is easy to occur.Therefore, try to avoid making sexy underwear exposed to the sun for too long.

Private issues

If your home lives in a very hidden place, the balcony is not too high to leave the ground, then it may be unexpectedly exposed to your privacy and bring you unnecessary trouble.If you like to dry, you can put the underwear in the box and then dry it on the balcony.

Summer moisture

The temperature in summer is high and the air humidity is relatively large. The sexy underwear on the balcony may be easily eroded by the moisture, thereby breeding bacteria.Especially in humid weather, it is recommended not to dry sexy underwear on the balcony. You can choose to dry or use a dehumidifier in the room.

Children’s problem

If you have children in your home, drying sexy underwear may have a bad impact on the growth of the child, because they may be curious about the lace, decorations, etc.At this time, it is safer to dry the sexy underwear as much as possible in the room.

Environmental issues

Washing sex underwear with water is more environmentally friendly than hand, but drying the sexy underwear in the room will increase the humidity of the family, and it is very harmful to the environment.On this issue, you can choose to use a professional dehumidifier or put the sexy underwear in a spacious and cool place to keep the room ventilation.


Time problem

The time of drying underwear is generally short, so you can choose to wash it at night, and it will be almost dry the next morning.If your home’s balcony is insufficient, you can consider using the hot fan.

Dry in the summer room

Because the summer weather is hot, if it is dry outdoors, it is easy to be affected by the sun and tide.

in conclusion

In summary, the best place to dry the sex underwear is indoors, and you can even use the hot fan to speed up the drying speed.If you have to dry it outside, you must also choose a cool place, and it is best to choose a place that will not cause privacy leaks.Here, I hope that every female friend can put on sexy sexy underwear and live a beautiful summer.