Can sexy underwear be duplicated? Women

Can sexy underwear be duplicated? Women

Falling underwear material

Sex underwear is designed for sex at night. The materials it uses are usually thin and soft, and some even look like silk materials.These materials may include polyester fiber, nylon, silk, etc.Although these materials are soft, they are not easily saved for a long time.

Sexy underwear washing method

Interest underwear needs to be washed frequently, otherwise they are prone to bacteria and odor, which is very bad for women’s health.Therefore, we need to give them the right maintenance method.Interest underwear should not be washed with other clothes, but should be washed with hand or choose a special laundry bag in the washing machine. Before washing, remove the attachments on the underwear (such as rose petals, etc.).In addition, the washed water should be mild, not too hot or too cold.

Drying of sexy underwear

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The sexy underwear after hand washed must not be folded, and naturally drying should be used.It can be exposed to the sun for a while to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Save the way of sexy underwear

Interest underwear should be stored separately. Do not mix with other clothes. You can put them in a dry place or separate in a packaging bag to avoid being soiled by dirt and dust.

Frequency use of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not used frequently as we use clothes in our daily life, so the number of uses is relatively small.Of course, if you change it regularly, they may be able to use it longer.

Falling underwear wearing time

Sex underwear is not suitable for long -term wear. It is recommended that women wear them only when they have intimate relationships with their lover to avoid wearing all night.

Color problem of sexy underwear

Sex underwear sometimes uses more bright colors. If it is not maintained properly, the color will fade quickly.In order to ensure the durable color of the underwear, a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice can be added during washing, which can help fixed dyes.

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Falling underwear wear problem

It is normal for sexy underwear to be damaged during wearing and friction.In addition, if there are some sharp attachments on the sexy underwear, it may cause scratching or tearing when it encounters the skin.To avoid this situation, women must be careful when wearing sexy lingerie.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing designed for sex. The frequency of use is relatively low, but regular maintenance and correct use can make them more durable.If you want to use erotic underwear for a longer time, you need to pay attention to organizing methods and keeping clean and drying.Hope this article can help you.