Can a boyfriend be able to stand the sexy underwear?

Men’s psychology

Many women like to wear sexy underwear to add some mystery and sexy to themselves.However, many women are worried that their boyfriend or husband will not accept this dress.They will worry that their sexy underwear will make her boyfriend feel embarrassed, disgusted or uncomfortable.This problem has plagued many women, but in fact, what do men think?

Men’s view of sexy underwear

It turns out that most men like to watch their girlfriends or wives put on sexy underwear.This is not because they take women as sexual tools, but because sexy underwear can stimulate men’s visual feelings and allow them to enjoy sex more.In addition, women in sexy underwear will look more sexy, charming and attractive, which is also a enjoyment for men.

Types of sex underwear

The types of sexy underwear are also very diverse, including lace, red, black, leather, perspective, and so on.From soft materials to luxurious fabrics, from playful design to exaggerated shapes, although there are different types, they all have a common thing that they can tease men’s vision and psychology. It should be said to be a very effective sex.tool.

Women’s perspectives look at interest underwear

For women, wearing erotic underwear can make them more confident and make them feel more sexy and charming, so it is easier to show their coquettish side.Essence

Consider the opinions of both parties

When a woman wants to wear sexy underwear, she should pay attention to the opinions of both parties.If your boyfriend or husband doesn’t like or dislikes underwear, it is best to give up.If the boyfriend or husband does not explicitly oppose it, women can try to try sexy underwear at appropriate time, but they should also pay attention to the occasion and time, and don’t care blindly without ignoring the feelings of others.

Personality determines everything

If a woman is an open and independent person, then wearing a sexy underwear should be very easy for her.However, if a woman was originally shy in introverted and wearing a sexy underwear would make her feel very uncomfortable, then at this time, she should not barely wear sexy underwear.

Choice of timing

Women should pay great attention when they choose to wear sexy underwear.Do not wear sexy underwear to participate in family parties or attend public places. This dress not only makes people feel unable to taste, but also brings discomfort to the people around.

Discuss with men

If your girlfriend or wife wants to wear a sexy underwear, they can discuss with her boyfriend or husband.In the process of communication, you can want the other party to give a substantial answer to let them know the other party’s thoughts and feelings.In the process of communication, if you can understand the other party’s opinions and be willing to consider the other party, you can avoid many unnecessary quarrels or differences.

Get rid of stereotypes

Sex is a matter of two people, and we cannot follow the traditional way or stereotypes.Interest underwear can greatly stimulate sex and temperature, bringing different sexual experiences.


Interest underwear can not only bring different feelings and experiences to men and women’s lives, but also make them closer.For women, wearing erotic underwear not only enhance their charm and self -confidence, but also a kind of enjoyment.Men can also be pleasant and satisfied.Therefore, women can try to wear suitable sexy underwear to make the sex between themselves and the other half more beautiful and exciting.

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